Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Declaration

Ryukyu Kaiun Kaisha (“RKK Line”) strives to protect the privacy of our customers who utilize our website. Although RKK Line collects information about our individual customers (hereinafter “personal information”) in order to provide our services, we have adopted a variety of measures to protect the privacy of such information and maintain its confidentiality. RKK Line respects the privacy of our customers. We shall never be involved in the sale, purchase, or exchange of personal information, nor shall we engage in the unauthorized use of personal information by any other method. Use of this website and the provision of personal information shall constitute the acceptance and approval by you of the manner in which RKK handles personal information as explained in this Privacy Policy.

Personal Information Collection Purposes

Personal information collected from customers shall be used:

  • To improve services that RKK Line provides to customers
  • To provide information about services, new products, etc. appropriate for customers
  • To contact customers if necessary

Disclosure of Personal Information

In the cases described below, RKK Line may disclose a customer’s personal information without prior consent of the customer.

When it would be difficult to obtain the customer’s consent when such disclosure is necessary in order to protect the life, body or property of a person as well as in cases where a request is presented in a summons, warrant, order or other such legal instrument issued by the police, court or other government institution.

Management of Personal Information

RKK Line shall appropriately manage customers’ personal information, and pay the utmost attention to preventing its disclosure, loss or damage. In order to provide even better services to customers, RKK Line entrusts some of the personal information that we handle to an outside contractor whom we have found appropriately handles personal information. The contractor shall use personal information within the scope necessary for performing the contracted operation. In such cases, RKK Line shall enter into an appropriate contract with the contractor regarding the handling of personal information and request that all personal information be appropriately managed.

Revision of this Privacy Policy

To improve the services that RKK Line provides to our customers, we shall appropriately revise and improve the aforementioned items. When this document is amended, the amendment shall be posted on this website. An updated privacy statement shall be posted on our website so that customers may, at any time, learn about how private information is collected as well as how such information is used. We kindly request that you check this website periodically for any new information. In addition, even in cases where personal information is used in a manner that differs from the description stated at the time such information is collected, customers shall be contacted about such use either by posting notification on this website or email. The customer has the right to select whether or not personal information may be used according to a method different from the original description posted on this website.